• E D U E X L 17 : 20 - 23
  • together

    We are restless. Because there are things to do.


    The world is full of things to know. Stories to tell, mysteries to solve, ideas to think and words to read. People to meet and help and heal, prayers to pray and sunrises to see.


    Individually, we are incomplete. Inexperienced. Imperfect. But together—together, we are a foundation for each other. Upon which we can build our futures—and the future.


    We’re free to fall and fail and fumble and find our ways—and succeed over and over and over again—because here, we support each other. We lift each other up as we engage and impact the world.

    All That
    We Are

    Don’t be surprised if the line between living and learning gets a little blurry. There’s always so much happening here, all at once.

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